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Catering, Breakfasts, and Delicatessen in Le Havre

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Hungry for some excitement in Le Havre? Cosy Traiteur is here to make your taste buds dance with joy! We're not your average catering service; we're your culinary partner in crime, ready to serve up a delightful experience.

Cosy Traiteur provides delicatessen delights and delivers breakfasts, brunches, buffets, cocktail lunches, and dinners that are practically a party for your taste buds in and around Le Havre.

Imagine homemade breakfasts, buffets, or brunches bursting with fresh, seasonal goodies for you and your foodie friends. We're like your personal chef squad, bringing a world of flavors right to your doorstep. And guess what? We love to party, so our deliveries are all about catering to your wildest food dreams.

But wait, there's more! We've got a secret stash—a delicatessen store filled with carefully selected goodies that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. It's like a treasure trove for food enthusiasts.

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Visit our delicatessen in the heart of Le Havre

Trust us; it's a foodie's paradise.

But that's not all! Cosy Traiteur isn't just about food; it's a lifestyle. We're all about good vibes and great tastes. Our grocery store offers dishes whipped up on-site (think quiches, pies, and more), along with eco-friendly products from local artisans. It's a party for your senses!


Visit us at: 89 rue du Président Wilson in Le Havre. We're open from Wednesday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Party hats optional but encouraged!


Brunch: 3 Suggestions

Brunch-lovers, rejoice! We've got not one, not two, but THREE brunch options that will make your weekends pop:


  • Discovery Brunch: Where food adventures begin.

  • Cosy Brunch: Comfort food at its finest.

  • Brunch Deluxe: Because you deserve a taste of luxury.


Our brunch spread includes pastries, sandwiches, pancakes or crêpes, fresh fruit, and juices that will make your taste buds tango. It's the gourmet weekend you've been waiting for! Just pick your brunch box, and we'll deliver it straight to your door in Le Havre and Sainte-Adresse. No brunch FOMO allowed!


Breakfasts for Professionals

Are you a corporate superstar looking to dazzle your team or clients with a breakfast spread that screams success? Look no further, because Cosy Traiteur has your back!

Our professional breakfasts are like a power boost for your meetings, receptions, or any event in and around Le Havre. We've got everything you need: viennoiseries, coffee, tea, fresh juice, and more.


We can customize it all to match your style and needs. Let's make your next meeting breakfast legendary!

Your Personalized Catering in Le Havre

Got a shindig coming up? Whether it's a corporate extravaganza or a private celebration, Cosy Traiteur is your culinary co-conspirator. We offer buffets, cocktail parties, brunches, and tray meals to elevate any event. Want top-notch table service? We've got you covered.

When we cook for you, it's like a symphony for your taste buds. Our chef, Aurélia, is a culinary wizard who believes in crafting delicate, comforting dishes that tell a story. We source the best ingredients, support local suppliers, and celebrate the seasons to serve you the freshest, tastiest plates. It's not just catering; it's a flavor journey!


Meet the Maestro Behind the Magic - Aurélia, the Chef of Cosy Traiteur

Aurélia isn't just a chef; she's a culinary magician! Her passion for cooking has been brewing since she was a kid, and now she's here to sprinkle some magic onto your plate. She's all about exploring new recipes and turning seasonal ingredients into masterpieces. Homemade goodness is her specialty, and she's ready to share her culinary stories with you.

""We all have a culinary identity linked to our memories regarding taste, flavor associations, and stories to tell and share through our dishes."

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